Terms and conditions

  • Due to differences in individual preference, I will not entertain refunds/exchanges if they are not suited to your taste. I will, however, take responsibility and inform you should the treats be sweeter than usual.
  • Eg. Fondant toppings and royal icing usually make the treats sweeter.
  • Preferably 5days advance notice for treats. But if you need it any sooner, I try my best to arrange.
  • I only bake and meetup on weekends as I have work commitments.
  • Colors of products may differ due to color calibration of individual's computer.
  • There are strictly no returns. 
  • Payment of total amount to POSB SAVINGS 007-43372-7. before i proceed with the order. 
  • Payment must be made via ibank or ATM within 24hours of my confirmation invoice.
  • No refund will be given if you back out after payment. 
  • Parties will be blacklisted if asked too many questions without the intention of buying. Or stating a date for collection and I agree, ask tons of questions, then changing mind and backing out due to collection date not right (when you actually set the date yourself)
  • Im reasonable when asked for minor changes to order.
  • Self collection on weekends at my house in bedok
  • Meetups usually in the east (bedok/tamp) on weekends (extra $3)
    or extra $6 to douby ghaut/city hall/serangoon area on weekends- not fixed 
    or extra $4 for boon lay/yishun on sunday nights-not fixed.
  • I usually only take about 2 orders per day per weekend, so booking of slots only on first come first serve basis.
  • Sparkedillusion Reserves the right to make amendments to any of the above Terms & Conditions and prices.

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